Why is good Branding on Social Media important?

It’s not just about creating a logo for your new business, it’s about creating the right Brand to connect, interact and sell to your potential customers…

Social media is a great way to increase this due to its popularity and the best part it’s free. You can pay for direct adverts, which are also great for targeting a certain age group, gender or by interests.

The best way to gain new customers and get them to love your Brand/Business as much as you do, is to post quality content.

Here are our 5 reasons why it is important to create a strong brand identity on social media for your business.

When your brand/ business is presented professionally, this encourages your clients and potential customers to trust you and the services you provide. This will be reflected in the way you speak, interact and the images you post on your social media pages.

In order to gain new customers you need to think, “How will this benefit my target market?” By thinking like a customer you can create products and services that they can purchase from you. But even if you have a product they would benefit from, it doesn’t mean they will automatically buy from your business.

By posting the right content you can attract your desired customer, interact with them and show them how they will benefit from your business over others around.

Another great way to gain new customers is to get your existing ones to refer you or your business. To do this they can tag or share your posts on their social media pages, this also shows your Brand/Business is trusted.

Having a strong, professional brand identity will increase the value of your business. This can be seen on your website, social media pages and printed marketing materials.

The more professional looking your Brand is, the more value and trust it will have to your customers.

The feel and image you give to your customer’s shows them what to expect from your business and making your Brand stand out from your competitors.

If you post something that isn’t a high enough quality or doesn’t reflect your business, this could damage your brand and reputation. So keeping everything consistent is very important. If your website isn’t as up to date as your Facebook page, this can also have a negative effect to your potential customers, as it shows you don’t have time to update or you don’t feel the need to it.

Just remember each customer is different, some may not have social media or go directly to your website, so keeping your branding consistent will ensure they all have the same experience with your Brand/Business.

Consistency is KEY to being recognised!

If you are not consistent or recognisable on all platforms this can make it hard for potential customers to find you and to buy from you.

When posting content, it’s important to keep your branding, colours and styles visible so you can be identifiable as quick as possible to your customer.
By keeping your branding consistent throughout, you build trust, increase your business value, you show them what to expect from your business and you are quickly recognisable.

Don’t cut corners to save a little bit of money!
This doesn’t mean spend hundreds of pounds getting everything designed at once. Start with the essentials to build your style and brand. Once you have these you can invest in more designs to build up you business.

In the long run consistency will benefit your business and your brand will become recognisable.

I hope you found our top 5 reasons ‘why Good Branding is IMPORTANT’ useful.

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