Common questions we get asked about Graphic Design!

#1 Why are you called Purple Tasche?

Well….We LOVE moustaches!!!

We wanted a name that would stand out, be as creative as we are and be memorable. The name was created while at University while brain storming names for a project. Since then we thought it would fit our brand and our personalities perfectly.

If we could grow a moustache we would!


#2 Are you twins?



#3 What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design


The art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect.


#4 What do you Design?

Our studio offers a variety of different designs from Branding, Logos, Social Media Content, Signage, Packaging, Flyers, Business Cards, Brochures, Books, Digital Art and Tickets all the way to Wedding Invitations and Stationery. Whether it’s a tiny project or a whole brand creation, the list is endless!!

If you have an idea but are unsure if we can help, just drop us an email and the chances are we can!



#5 How long will my project take to do?

 Each project is different; we work closely with our clients to fit in with their requirements and deadlines. We always try to complete projects within the deadline date, but depending on the content, style and amendments the time scale can change.

Just let us know when you need your project completed by and we will work hard to meet this.

Just remember we have multiple projects on at once so if you have a short deadline, try and contact as early as possible.


#6 Can I edit the file myself?

We get asked this a lot by our clients, generally the answer is no!

We used specialised programs such as Adobe to create all of your beautiful projects in. So this would mean you need access and experience with these programs if you want to edit. If this is possible for you, we would need to send over the file structure in order for you to access the files. Sometimes this can get tricky if the files are large. If you need small changes regularly to your designs just let us know and we can edit and send them back to you at a small fee.

We can make PDF/JPEG templates for you that only have a background with no information on. This way you can overlay text and edit when you need to. You should be able to open and edit these files in programs like Adobe Acrobat. Let us know and we can do our best to help you with this.


#7 How much will it cost?

Each project is different and we design it to fit your needs. This is why we ask questions at the beginning so we understand the amount of time and work that needs to go into your project. This way we can give you our best price.