HOW TO: Pick the right social media for your business

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You have now successfully created a business, Yippee! The next big challenge is figuring out how all these social networking sites work and how they can help your business grow.

The first step is to understand what each site does and how it can benefit you. This is hopefully where we can help! We will give the pros and cons for each and what the best times are to make posts so you can get more traffic.

We are going to put the social networking sites in order of what we think are the most heard of and most common. We obviously don’t want to bombard you with sites you have never heard of before! So lets start with the ones you have:



This is a HUGE social networking site that billions of people all over the world use to connect with their family and friends, so why not take advantage and use it to promote your business?

The advantages of having a business page:

Free marketing! What more could you want? Yes, it takes a little time to set up but it’s free! You can start off with inviting all your family and friends to like your page. This will increase the amount of viewers seeing your page, as it will pop up on other people’s news feed. So simple! Just remember to put your logo and name on the page! You want to make it easy for customers to find you.

Having a page helps boost your SEO (search Engine Optimization) meaning you’ll show up on Google. This will also help increase your website traffic.

When it comes to posting content on here you need to remember that nearly every Facebook user is on there for their personal account. So think about the times they will be active on here, especially during the week. We have listed the times below when are good to post.

 Posting Thursday – Friday between 1-4pm as this is when most people are on their lunch breaks or when people are winding down from work.

Posting between 1-3pm on weekends is when most people are relaxing and catching up on some social media time.



This is a much faster paced social site than Facebook, but don’t let that freak you out. It is also used by billions of worldwide users, which is exactly what you want with your new business! Most new Twitter users don’t quite understand the point of it or even think it is worth having. Lets see if we can show you that it is a must!

The advantages of having a business page:

Having twitter makes it easier for you to communicate directly with your target market. You can share information, promote services and build relationships with existing and new customers. You can talk directly to people by tweeting and tagging them into your posts. If you like something they have tweeted you can even ‘share’ it and ‘like’ it.

You can add your logo and a header photo just like you can on Facebook, which is great for promoting your brand. Always remember to keep it consistent.

 Posting Monday – Friday between 6-8am and 1-3pm as this is when most people are on their way to work, on their lunch breaks or when people are winding down from work.



Businesses have been a part of the Instagram community since the beginning, using the platform as a way to showcase their products and services in a visual context. So why not join in?

Instagram is part of the Facebook family and is a completely free way of advertising. Hooray!

The advantages of having a business page:

Having a business Instagram can help show the world your services and products in a visual way. People can follow you, you can follow them back, and you can ‘like’ photos, comment on photos and also direct message people. This is a great way of advertising your business in a friendly chilled out platform.

Posting anytime on any day of the week is great. Just make sure your account is on public so the world can see it. The more people, the more likes!

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Even if you have heard of Google+, you’re probably wondering if there is any point getting another social networking site. If you have a small to medium business then it’s a good idea to get it.

The advantages of having a business page:

Google+ has over 300 million active daily users. This is the perfect place to promote your brand and everything you have to offer. The best part about using Google+ is that it is linked to Google!! You may have noticed that Google comes up with lists of local business every time you search. This is because they all have a Google+ page. It is also how you make it onto Google maps.

You can post on Google+ anytime. Remember to hashtag and post fun, eye catching photos. 



Pintrest is another one of those visual social networking sites. It’s the perfect way to visually bookmarking, organizing and sharing things you like has made it a massive hit with individuals and businesses.

The advantages of having a business page:

It is similar to having Instagram as you can follow peoples and like their posts. You can also create your own boards and pin other people’s work to it. As an example if you’re planning a wedding, you can pin other people’s posts of wedding invites and decorations etc. Always remember that other people can also see what has been pinned. This is perfect advertising!

The perfect time to post is in the evening and on weekends. This is when most people are back from work or relaxing on their weekends.



Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world. Obviously it isn’t for every business and you may not want or need it. Youtube is a great visual way of connecting with people and showing them live footage of your products and services. It is also another one of those free social networking sites, so why not?

The best time for posting is weekdays between 8-12 pm. This is when people are home from work and winding down. This is the perfect time for people to catch up on their favourite Youtubers.


These are our top 6 social networking sites that are a must! I know it seems like there is a lot to do, but it is worth it. Take some time out and look into all these sites and see what you think will suit your business the most.

Good luck and get making!